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     To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Sisters of St. Benedict at Our Lady of Grace Monastry, several events took place during their jubilee year.  One of the highlights, for the sisters, was the first All School Reunion of former students of Our Lady of Grace Academy.


     The evening began with Mass in the Monastery Chapel.  The crowd, so large, the immediate chapel was full, the Blessed Sacrament served as an area for extra seating as well as the former choir loft.  It was a sight to behold as close to 300 women came to share in the Eucharist with their former classmates and teachers.


     After Mass the group walked over to the former Student Activity Center for dinner and an evening of remembrance. Surprisingly, ithere were over 400 who attended the reunion. It was a night that would be long remembered.


     In the ensuing years several more reunions were held but none have yet to rival the first reunion.  In the future, it is the hope of the sisters to again have a reunion for their former students.


     On the right you will find pictures from some of our reunions.  Enjoy!  Look for your friends and teachers - even look for yourself. 



Past All School Reunions

First All School Reunion

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