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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find questions asked by some of our Alumnae.  We thought this may be helpful to some people who may have the same questions.  If you do have a question that does not appear below, please feel free to call Sr. Ann Patrice Papesh at

317-787-3287  ex. 3033.

Can I get a transcript of my grades from the Academy?

Believe it or not...yes, you can.  Sr. Mary Seghers, the Archivist of the Community, has old records from the Academy.  Several women have had to have them when returning to school.  The fee for a transctipt is $10.  Please call Sr. Mary at 317-787-3287.

Is it possible to come and walk through the Academy building and the grounds?


We always welcome former students of the Academy.  You are more than welcome to come and see the old Academy and walk the beautiful grounds.  It may behoove you to call the Benedict Inn 317-788-7581 to make sure there aren't groups in the building that may impede your visit.

Are any of my former teachers still alive?

Yes, this was actually a quesiton posed not too long ago.  Although we do not know abaout the lay teachers, we are very sure of the sistrs who taught at the Academy.  Some have been called home, while others still occupy their earthly home.  Several made the decision to change their vocation and ventured on different avenues.  If you go to the "Where are they now?" page, you can see the sisters who were at the Academy and where they are now!

Can I purchase old yearbooks?

Unfortunately we do not have any old yearbooks to purchase.  If you know of someone who no longer want their yearbooks we would gladly take them off their hands so we can hold them back in case we get any requests.

Is it possible to come to the Monastery for a visit or Mass?

One of the charisms of our Benedictine Community is Hospitality.  We welcome all visitors to our home - especially former students.  We suggest that if you want to see a particular sister you call ahead at 317-787-3287, to make sure they rae available.  If you wish to attend prayer or Mass you can find our schedule by following this link:  Sisters of St. Benedict Prayer/Mass Schedule.

Is there a reunion planned for the future?

At this time [September, 2013] there are no plans for a reunion in the future although the sisters would like to plan an event in the future.  Keep abreat of what is going on by visiting the web site or following us on Facebook.  The link to our Facebook page can be found by clicking on the icon found on every page of this website.

Do you have a question that needs an answer.  Please use the form below to submit your question.  We will answer it via email and post it on our FAQ's page.

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